Christmas Ebbs


I find it hard to work sometimes. I’m not sure why, but occasionally I just can’t seem to squeeze out any artwork, and I want to spend all my time eating chocolate and watching some kind of terrible television series.

One of the things I do every day is keep a diary of what I’ve made, and this helps me keep track of the pattern of creativity. I’ve noticed that I usually have a big drop off at the start of July, because it’s hot and my birthday just happened. But Christmas is another period of the year where productivity goes out the window.

Think about it: it’s dark, cold, and there are umpteen parties happening nearby. Even with the best will in the world, it’s impossible to stay chained to your desk this month. You’re going to have to pop on a party hat and eat cake at least one day in December! That’s why I’ve not been worrying too much about my lack of productivity, and just concentrating on finding fun things to do. Above, a sketch of figure shapes from my notebook, filled in with Payne’s Grey and Venetian Red, is the sort of thing that I’ve been giving my time over to.

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